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Private Swim Lessons in the Heart of Richmond Hill

Private Swim Lessons in the Heart of Richmond Hill


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Meet Our Instructors

Charlie Webster - Certified Life Saving Society Instructor and Lifeguard

Charlie Webster

My name is Charles Webster. I am a certified Life Saving Society instructor and lifeguard. I've been teaching swimming lessons for over 5 years, and now only teach in the summers in my backyard pool. When the pandemic hit and the local pools closed, I realized children that had worked hard to gain their levels were now losing their skills while being kept from the lessons. I decided to offer lessons in the privacy of my backyard where we could maintain safety protocols with each family while also enjoying the outdoors. It was a huge success, so much so that I’ve brought on a second instructor to work alongside me in the pool, specifically to work with the younger kids so that I can continue to offer time to as many families as possible. I enjoy the experience of teaching tremendously and I’m excited to be able to continue offering private lessons to both children and adults.

Phoebe Webster - First Aid, Bronze Cross, Lifesaving, and Instructors Certifications

Phoebe Webster

After joining Home-Schooled Swimming in 2022, last year I worked predominantly with younger swimmers, helping them to become more comfortable in the water and with instruction. In offering this attention to our smaller students, Charlie and I can also work simultaneously when there are siblings who need lessons. I love working with children of all abilities and can't wait for another great summer to start.

Facility Location

Private Swim Lessons in the Heart of Richmond Hill

We are located in Richmond Hill just off Stouffville Road, between Bayview & Leslie. It is an outdoor, private, salt-water, pool that is 13M long and has a deep end that allows for safe diving. Saltwater swimming pools draw on dissolved salt in the water to generate chlorine. The salt cell or generator utilizes a process called electrolysis to break down or separate the salt also known as sodium chloride or NaCl in the water. The pool is maintained at expected levels, daily.

There is covered seating for waiting parents and, if siblings are present and waiting for their lesson to begin, they can make use of the trampoline (netted) and play structure. Parents will be required to sign a waiver for use of these facilities as the insurance for the school does not cover these activities.

The setting offered by Home-Schooled Swimming allows parents the peace of mind not only of excellent swim instruction and the opportunity for their children to continue to progress, but also of a class structure that can offer limited exposure to health risks and larger groups. We offer back-to-back lessons or weekend lessons which allows for optimal progression and a great connection between our instructors and students.

Pricing and Booking


Sessions are for ten 30-minute classes. Booking Instructions can be found below:


Private Lessons: $350 for 10 classes
Semi-Private Lessons: $290 each student, for 10 classes
Multiple Family Member Discount: $330 each for 3 or more


Full payment is required within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email. If payment is not received, we will have to release the time slot to another family. In order to eliminate any need for cash contact, we request payment by e-transfer to homeschooledswimming@gmail.com. Receipts will be provided once payment is received. NOTE: For semi-private lessons, students must be members of the same family and must be learning at the same swimming level. It is neither safe nor effective for one instructor to teach two levels at once and it is rare that children at different levels learn at the same pace. Grouping in this way makes lessons less effective for both children. This year's lessons will be scheduled Monday-Friday, 9:45am-6pm throughout the months of July and August.

Beginning June 1 we will be offering lessons Monday to Friday except for the week of June 17-21 when there will be no lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: CLASSES WILL BE HELD JULY 1 and AUG 5. No make up classes will be offered in lieu of these dates.


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Cancellation & Refunds

All instructors are triple vaccinated however, should either be in any way unwell, we will not risk working with students.
Should your child be unwell, we ask that you take the same precaution and cancel the class. We will offer a rescheduling of class in these cases but can not guarantee the timing of the make up class. Refunds can not be given for classes missed due to illness; they will be rescheduled.
Classes are only cancelled due to weather if there is lightening expected or significantly heavy rain that might make learning difficult. Colder temperatures will not result in a cancellation of lessons. The pool is kept at 80F/26.7C which ensures students are never cold in the water.

Health & Safety

As a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor, I am always vigilant with safety. Students are never out of reach and they will never be asked to work beyond the expected challenge of their current swimming level.

The instructor will:

The student will:


This letter is to warmly recommend the coaching skills of Mr. Charles Webster, who spent two months teaching our six-year-old daughter how to swim.

When we first met Charles, our daughter was afraid to get her hair wet and reluctant to begin lessons. She immediately connected with Charles, who brings a calming yet engaging approach to his coaching. He is clearly experienced and gifted in his pedagogical approach, and uses the perfect mix of firm yet fun teaching style. Our daughter quickly learnt to trust him and progressed incredibly fast. By the end of that first lesson, she was willing to put her head under water.

Over the span of two months, our daughter went from being scared of water to swimming confidently under water, front and back crawl, treading, and swimming twice the full length of the pool. We couldn’t be happier with the results. She looks forward to each lesson and has come to love swimming. We are grateful to the coach for his work with her and feel confident in recommending him. Cat. I

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